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BIGGEST twitter breach — the bitcoin loot

Historical attack on the Twitter handles of many big heads and bitcoins LOOTED

The evening of July 15th, 2020 has brought it to light that Twitter accounts of big renowned personalities like Barrack Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos were hacked and whopping sums of money were collected in forms of Bitcoins. The hackers pretended to be representing the original owners of the accounts and promised a return of 200% of how many bitcoins they send.

The Victims Of This Attacks:

Around 300 cryptocurrency transactions weighing 120,000 USD (approximately) among the 350 million users reached by the tweets was the result of this hack attack.

It was claimed by the US Senate that the hackers cleverly planned and made use of the employee access granted by Twitter to succeed in this organized attack. The tools and mechanisms of Twitter were being studied and made use of by the hackers. As a precautionary measure, bitcoin wallet addresses were prevented from being mentioned in all the accounts.

The act of the hack:

There has been this ambiguity regarding the exact cause of the hack but primary statements were that an employee was bought out by the hackers while another was observed saying they had a rep in the attack which led to easy completion of the attack.

Initially the email addresses and the related data linked accounts were changed, which made it more difficult for the owners of the respective accounts to retrieve them.

What can be done?

To make it a final point, no matter how observatory you are, attacks are still equally likely to happen. The only way to sustain in this threatening cyber era is to be updated and learning constantly about the various security measures and policies implemented and also arranging training for the employees to be attentive towards security.


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