Artificial Intelligence — New Horizons In Cyber Security

3 min readDec 20, 2020


Cyber attacks are on the rise these days and the trend of zero-day attacks is also less well known. To deal with these evolving cyber threats, it is an hour-long need to be prepared with advanced development techniques. AI in cyber security is mainly implemented here.

These days there are security tools and devices that use AI to make the process of detecting and preventing attacks easier and more automatic. AI in cyber security helps to bring concepts of ethical analysis, automation, and much more that helps create new space in the field.

Cyber Security — AI’s role:

Detection of opportunities and reduction of cyber attacks has seen new horizons since the introduction of AI. Every day more cyberthreats are born and increase the areas of corporate attacks. AI in cyber security helps to penetrate deeper into key areas to detect threats and fix them in an appropriate way to mitigate.

Cyber attacks — Recognized and prevented by AI

AI has many reference modules and targeted search engines to help the user easily detect incoming cyber attacks. A part of cyber attackers prefer using pre- defined methods, conditions and strategies to attack websites and applications. AI-based detection techniques can be handy for the user in identifying the attack. Once a continuous attack has been detected, you can add some of the prerequisites to an AI engine that will help you minimize the same.

Cyber attacks being atomized

AI in cyberspace is growing rapidly and is a blessing as well as an industrial bane. While on the other hand, the use of AI in cyber security helps to streamline cyber threats, and it also helps malicious characters create spontaneous attacks.

On the basis of analysis of harmful vectors in the organization, these attacks are planned well in advance, further to attack in different ways on the same target.

An increase in threat is depicted from researches due to the hacking tools and open source software being available as open source AI.

Within the report, a cyber security company recorded three operational threats in the wild found over the past 12 months.

Very dangerous and threatening situations have been created by young attackers using the analysis of these cyber attacks along with a little additional imagination.

Cyber Security Space impacted by AI

AI has undoubtedly opened new horizons for both the defenders as well as the attackers. The outlook of cyberspace is evolving its depiction due to the inclusion of AI. In a while, the key differentiator is going to be AI.

AI has helped the cybersecurity researchers and will keep helping.

Platforms struck by AI:

• Threat identification

• Reducing the threat

• Organizational injury assessment

• Regularly monitor the threat to the organization

• Assists in reporting and reporting cyber threats to the company




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